Juvenile Dependency Lawyer in Allentown & Lehigh County, PA

Gavin Holihan is an Allentown & Lehigh County, PA, child abuse lawyer you can trust to provide strong and focused representation. We bring extensive trial experience to every case, and we can offer the professionalism and compassion that you need in this situation. You will benefit by having us in your corner.

Being able to provide knowledgeable guidance and obtaining the best resolution for our clients is our mission. We work toward healing families and securing an improved outlook for the future. We do this by:

•Providing strong and assertive advocacy
•Uncovering the information needed to present the strongest case and obtain the best possible outcome
•Providing assertive and focused representation every step of the way

We want to help you through this challenging time, and we guarantee that we will always devote our full attention to your case. We can assist you in making the difficult decisions you need to move forward. You can always count on us to maintain a high level of expertise and provide support for you.

If you need an Allentown & Lehigh County, PA, child abuse lawyer, hire the capable services of Gavin Holihan. Our office is open Monday through Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., and we are able to meet with you on weekends by appointment. Call us today and start getting the help you deserve.